Here’s a funny scenario that global leaders working with multi-cultural teams will recognize…

You have just arrived in Asia and people kindly welcome you. All seems to start well; you’ve made the right choice to leave Europe and come to Asia.


Then comes the first meeting with your team.

You want to engage with your team in Asia and get their buy-in as well as their commitment. So, you start by getting their ideas.

Then nothing comes, but a long and embarrassing silence…

Not a single word pronounced…


And you get TRIGGERED!

You think about all you’ve left in Europe to come to Malaysia, all the sacrifices it required from you while they have not sacrificed anything, and they are not contributing at all.


From their perspective though… you’re not too credible ;-)))

Chances are the leader’s reaction may not be too positive when tiggered and actually worsen the situation.

Some adjustments urgently needed!

If you know someone facing challenges leading across cultures, please don’t let them destroy themselves and their team!!!


There are simple steps to scale managing skills to Global Leadership
and we can help.


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Marianne Dupuis, executive & leadership coach is an international success catalyst. She has guided more than 600 people towards lasting success in leading across cultures. This success comes from her ability to connect with leaders all over the world, to joyfully embrace cultural diversity and systematically leverage on human potential. Pragmatic and direct, simple and flexible, committed and caring are all ways people describe her. Yet, do not only trust them, just meet Marianne and test how her programs make a lasting difference for you too. Your 1st step: Get her FREE Guide to master ‘Giving Effective Feedback across cultures’.

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