You need your multicultural teams to both perform really well and enjoy working together?

We then need to climb these 3 steps together :

1- Define your own authentic leadership

🌟 Find your Northern star
🚀 Sharpen your Values
🧭 Define compromise versus who you are and who you want to be as a leader

2. Adapt your leadership to suit different cultures

🔎 Notice what truly matters in each culture
🙏 Define how to best behave in different settings
🥳 Find what motivates people in each environment

3. Communicate to inspire, ignite and induce team performance

↗️ Align minds and hearts towards your vision & values
⛔ Lead challenging conversations
🏆 Stir up teams motivation

Who is it for?

Leaders with team(s) spread over different locations or belonging to several cultures

If you want to promote Collaboration and Inclusion to facilitate teamwork across cultures, coaching is for you!

Who is it NOT for?

 Leaders looking for ways to fix others or playing the victim would be highly disappointed here.

If you bring Open-mindedness, Commitment, Ownership and Drive, you will thoroughly enjoy coaching!


How often are you the captain that all trust and follow?
Do you feel calm and decisive in storms?
How influential are you among top leaders?

2 + 2 =

Coaching program customized so you can only succeed

Your coaching journey fits in your schedule, adapts to your teams and respects your style.
Your Coach brings her expertise in coaching with neurosciences, she coached 900+ leaders.
You coaching programs includes:


You get insights on the critical behaviors needed to lead across cultures so we can refine your leadership style.
We analyze your situation & your teams context, then craft together a roadmap with steps to reach your objectives.

SERIES OF COACHING SESSIONS (Even more Valuable than 💎💎💎:-)
We go into deep insightful discussions to bring wider perspectives, evaluate options with a pragmatic sounding board, craft your best strategies to improve the situations while leading authentically. Each session ends with your doable action plan to move forward, the adequate mindset to act with courage and the support you need to best navigate change confidently.



You receive Reflection Invitations to enhance your self-discovery, self-awareness and resilience, each personalized.
A delightful experience to enjoy some Me-time and strengthen your strategic thinking.




How cohesive are your teams?
Do you see them aligned? Supportive?
Have you found how to really motivate them?

2 + 3 =

Our coaching provides tremendous results when leaders are truly committed to apply.

This program would only be a nice distraction if you do not foresee to implement new insights.
Hence, you can drop out after 2 sessions if you see that it is not the best fit for you and get full refund.
If you choose to stay, you also choose to take action and we guarantee that you will notice tremendous results both for yourself and your team. We even offer you easy ways to measure your progress objectively.


Do people easily follow your ideas?
How comfortable do you feel to speak up?
Do you belong to the right groups to make a difference?

5 + 15 =

‘It was an absolute pleasure to have met Marianne.
It's not every day that you come across someone so passionate about human growth and development.’


CK. - Asia Pacific Region Director, Multinational Bank

“The team was all so superb; I must say I am truly impressed with how the team evolved when we ended. It was an absolute transformation.
Thanks to Marianne for both her leadership and professionalism.”

SP. - Head of Human Resources, Medical Devices Manufacturer

The most special thing I found in working with Marianne is that she digs deeper. Thinking aloud together, digging so deep in me to be sure of my goal so I felt encouraged to take the first step made this coaching a very useful experience.
You need to arrange your ideas in your mind, and you need someone who can understand things between the lines of your story to help you.
And this is what I found in my coaching relationship.

ZA. - Client Services Director, IT Services Provider

It’s been a fascinating journey of self-discovery, was very insightful to find out our values and finally understand our own choices, our strongest regrets, our drop in motivation and finding out who we are. We could develop trust that made us share openly on personal stuff. Most importantly, it helped me finding my inner strengths as a female leader, able to bounce back and deliver wherever I need to go.

CK. - Head of Organizational Development, Multinational Oil & Gas

“Marianne has been really helpful. I wish I had known all these leadership best practices 15 years ago, as I could have retained so many talents.
Now, people enjoy working with me, they come with ideas and I do not have to push anymore for them to take initiative. When I ask for something, they do it straight away and sometimes I am the only person they really follow. I’m so much happier at work now! And with my kids too!”

GR. - General Manager, Energy Distribution

We can help you

in 2 different


Coaching – Assessment

  • Understand your stakeholders
  • Compare with 2000+ leaders
  • Get feedback on 42 behaviors
  • Spot 3 critical keys on cultures
  • Sharpen cultural awareness
  • Enjoy valuing your own culture