Leading across cultures workshop

Discover the 3 critical areas that significantly shape cultures at work

Cross-cultural leadership only works if we get accepted and appreciated as a global leader. Learn the critical areas that widely differ among cultures where we need to focus your attention. Sharpen your observations skills, flexibility and emotional intelligence to belong and get part of the game.

Get a step-by-step approach to sharpen your cultural awareness

Culture widely differ in the way people think and this is what makes it so fascinating. Yet people will only allow you to experience that if you manage to have them trusting you and sharing with you what you are interested to discover. Follow the steps to have people welcoming you in their world.

Enjoy revealing what makes your own culture so special

Beauty of cross-cultural leadership lies in enriching each other from the diversity of cultures. Highlighting the unique character of every single piece so that they all combine into a meaningful richer jigsaw puzzle.
Discover how to value the specificities of your own culture to bring your piece to life.


Preferred delivery

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Who is it for?


Leaders with team(s) spread over different locations or belonging to several cultures

Aspiring leaders foreseen as good candidates for a global or regional leadership role

Expatriate leaders in a role where they need to facilitate teamwork across cultures



2-day workshop in person


You invite 6 to 18 leaders to your office in Malaysia and Marianne runs a highly experiential and interactive workshop over 2 days

  • Enhance your leaders’ abilities and skills to leverage on cultures diversity to perform

  • Take opportunity to gather teams widely spread

  • Spot talents and grow your high potential pool

  • Leverage on the enthusiasm and bounding created by the workshop to schedule your in-house team meetings later on

2-week workshop online


You simply join the 2-hour online daily workshop over 2 weeks and Marianne develops a key topic on each interactive workshop

  • Easy to fit in packed schedules – suited for leaders
  • Opportunity to already notice relevant results
  • Platform for tailored questions on implementation of techniques in different contexts
  • Easily accessible from leaders in different locations and various time zones, as you enjoy 🙂

‘It was an absolute pleasure to have met Marianne.
It’s not every day that you come across someone so passionate about human growth and development.’

CK. – Asia Pacific Region Director
Multinational Bank

‘It was an absolute pleasure to have met Marianne.
It’s not every day that you come across someone so passionate about human growth and development.’

CK. – Asia Pacific Region Director
Multinational Bank

“The team was all so superb; I must say I am truly impressed with how the team evolved when we ended. It was an absolute transformation.
Thanks to Marianne for both her leadership and professionalism.”

SP. – Head of Human Resources
Medical Devices Manufacturer

The most special thing I found in working with Marianne is that she digs deeper. Thinking aloud together, digging so deep in me to be sure of my goal so I felt encouraged to take the first step made this coaching a very useful experience.
You need to arrange your ideas in your mind, and you need someone who can understand things between the lines of your story to help you.
And this is what I found in my coaching relationship.

ZA. – Client Services Director
IT Services Provider

It’s been a fascinating journey of self-discovery, was very insightful to find out our values and finally understand our own choices, our strongest regrets, our drop in motivation and finding out who we are. We could develop trust that made us share openly on personal stuff. Most importantly, it helped me finding my inner strengths as a female leader, able to bounce back and deliver wherever I need to go.

CK. – Head of Organizational Development
Multinational Oil & Gas

“Marianne has been really helpful. I wish I had known all these leadership best practices 15 years ago, as I could have retained so many talents.
Now, people enjoy working with me, they come with ideas and I do not have to push anymore for them to take initiative. When I ask for something, they do it straight away and sometimes I am the only person they really follow. I’m so much happier at work now! And with my kids too!”

GR. – General Manager
Energy Distribution

We can help you

in 2 different


Coaching – Assessment

  • Understand your stakeholders
  • Compare with 2000+ leaders
  • Get feedback on 42 behaviors
  • Spot 3 critical keys on cultures
  • Sharpen cultural awareness
  • Enjoy valuing your own culture