Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Know exactly how others observe you demonstrating – or not – emotional intelligence

We will help you assessing your own behaviours compared to others surrounding you. Plus we offer you to analyze which characteristics matter most in your own role.
We will facilitate the process to gather anonymous feedback from your peers, boss and staff, so you precisely know what they observe in your behaviours. This will provide some with a precious opportunity for upward feedback in a safe process they can fully trust, so you can get qualitative valuable feedback.

Discover how well you do compare to 2000 other global leaders

We compare your score on each behaviours with a relevant benchmark of 2000 global leaders who took this assessment, hence you will know if you are matching global standards. You may also discover that your colleagues are pretty complacent, and you need to grow yourself with your own standards or pretty stringent and provide opportunity to learn from them too.

Get feedback on 42 behaviours of emotional intelligence

Know precisely on every 42 assessed and observable behaviours which ones you already fully master and can use as your best assets. Discover your blind spots that everybody else is noticing but you and choose whether you assume these as they are or wish to improve on them. Identify exactly the behaviors you plan to change and where exactly would you need training or coaching to sharpen your emotional intelligence.


Find on which strengths you can rely Discover what to do to meet expectations 

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What Clients say about working with Marianne

‘It was an absolute pleasure to have met Marianne.

It's not every day that you come across someone so passionate about human growth and development.’

CK. - Asia Pacific Region Director

Multinational Bank

‘Tremendously good trainer. Marianne truly is an expert in her field, shares a lot of ideas to support the content, links the teaching to real life examples, uses case studies. She makes the training enjoyable. It was a very pleasant experience sharing knowledge.’

CK. - Head of Organizational Development

Multinational Oil & Gas

“The team was all so superb; I must say I am truly impressed with how the team evolved when we ended. It was an absolute transformation.

Thanks to Marianne for both her leadership and professionalism.”

SP. - Head of Human Resources

Medical Devices Manufacturer

The most special thing I found in working with Marianne is that she digs deeper. Thinking aloud together, digging so deep in me to be sure of my goal so I felt encouraged to take the first step made this coaching a very useful experience.
You need to arrange your ideas in your mind, and you need someone who can understand things between the lines of your story to help you.
And this is what I found in my coaching relationship.

ZA. - Client Services Director

IT Services Provider

It’s been a fascinating journey of self-discovery, was very insightful to find out our values and finally understand our own choices, our strongest regrets, our drop in motivation and finding out who we are. We could develop trust that made us share openly on personal stuff. Most importantly, it helped me finding my inner strengths as a female leader, able to bounce back and deliver wherever I need to go.

CK. - Head of Organizational Development

Multinational Oil & Gas

“Marianne has been really helpful. I wish I had known all these leadership best practices 15 years ago, as I could have retained so many talents.
Now, people enjoy working with me, they come with ideas and I do not have to push anymore for them to take initiative. When I ask for something, they do it straight away and sometimes I am the only person they really follow. I’m so much happier at work now!
And with my kids too!”

GR. - General Manager

Energy Distribution

Other Services

  • Identify precisely your key success factors to motivate
  • Create sustainable habits of positive leadership to ignite and sustain top performance
  • Shape action plans to enhance your influence on specific areas for larger impact


  • Discover the 3 critical areas
    that significantly shape cultures at work
  • Get a step-by-step approach to sharpen your cultural awareness across locations
  • Enjoy revealing what makes your own culture so special