Marianne Dupuis Coaching

Excellent leaders manage to do miracles with their teams despite adversity.
Find out if you have the leadership skills and potential to be one of them!

As global leaders, we need to manage teams working in several locations and often from different cultures.

Meeting KPI when people work in silos, hardly ever meet in person, speak different languages and come from very diverse backgrounds seems almost impossible. Conflicts, stress, drama sound much more typical… painful… energy wasting…

Yet, some global leaders manage to achieve outstanding results and thrive with joy!
They brilliantly leverage on cultural diversity, they foster collaboration and excellence, even witness people enjoying to perform way beyond expectations. Obviously, it then becomes way easier to attract talents, retain loyal people and build a strong legacy.

You too can be one of these few!

You just need to reach high level of cultural awareness, strong emotional intelligence, master conflict management techniques and honor your authentic leadership style grounded on lasting values.
You also need the ability to make tough decisions based on a strong ethics, so you can face the consequences, peacefully sleep at night and still be proud in front of your children.

Here is how you can get help right now

We tailor coaching and training programs to your own potential

With more than 100 topics in our training portfolio, we get you covered on your leadership skills needs.

  • Get insightful knowledge on team dynamics, neurosciences, emotional intelligence
  • Get inspiration from real case studies derived from coaching 600+ global leaders

We want you to get Results too!
So you get a talented Executive Leadership Coach at your side along your journey

Hi, I’m Marianne Dupuis,
leadership coach and international success catalyst

For the last decade, I have assisted global leaders to motivate their teams towards excellence in collaboration.

Managing teams comes with rewards and significant challenges. Yet, managing teams working from different locations and cultures demands way more from leaders.

In terms of resilience, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness, negotiation skills and interpersonal communication, expectations are much higher.

Hence, if you are looking for someone who knows what it takes to lead on a global scale and can help you raise your game, you are at the right place.

My clients come from :

‘It was an absolute pleasure to have met Marianne.
It's not every day that you come across someone so passionate about human growth and development.’


CK. - Asia Pacific Region Director, Multinational Bank

“The team was all so superb; I must say I am truly impressed with how the team evolved when we ended. It was an absolute transformation.
Thanks to Marianne for both her leadership and professionalism.”

SP. - Head of Human Resources, Medical Devices Manufacturer

The most special thing I found in working with Marianne is that she digs deeper. Thinking aloud together, digging so deep in me to be sure of my goal so I felt encouraged to take the first step made this coaching a very useful experience.
You need to arrange your ideas in your mind, and you need someone who can understand things between the lines of your story to help you.
And this is what I found in my coaching relationship.

ZA. - Client Services Director, IT Services Provider

It’s been a fascinating journey of self-discovery, was very insightful to find out our values and finally understand our own choices, our strongest regrets, our drop in motivation and finding out who we are. We could develop trust that made us share openly on personal stuff. Most importantly, it helped me finding my inner strengths as a female leader, able to bounce back and deliver wherever I need to go.

CK. - Head of Organizational Development, Multinational Oil & Gas

“Marianne has been really helpful. I wish I had known all these leadership best practices 15 years ago, as I could have retained so many talents.
Now, people enjoy working with me, they come with ideas and I do not have to push anymore for them to take initiative. When I ask for something, they do it straight away and sometimes I am the only person they really follow. I’m so much happier at work now! And with my kids too!”

GR. - General Manager, Energy Distribution