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Get to know Marianne Dupuis

Avid globe-trotter, Marianne Dupuis, PCC is also a well-recognized accredited leadership coach for C-suite global leaders. Together, they shape unique leadership journeys to grow high-performing multi-cultural teams operating in different locations.

Why choose Marianne Dupuis ?


  • Globally certified Coach from top institutions
    INA (France 🇫🇷), ICF-PCC (USA 🇺🇸), CSA (UK 🇬🇧)
  • 👩‍🏫 Accredited Coaching Supervisor & Mentor
    supporting Coaches handling difficult cases
  • 📙 Author of Leading with HUMANITY
    on emotional intelligence leadership across cultures


  • Successfully coached 🥳 900+ Leaders from 50 countries,
    with clients coming mostly referred by delighted clients
  • Led multicultural teams both in Europe and Asia
    dealing with demanding C-suite’s environments
  • 15 years working in finance on risk and project management
    PwC, E&Y, Central Bank of Luxembourg


  • Creator & Facilitator of the People Coach Certification
    globally accredited ICF – ACSTH certification
  • In coaching business since 2010 and highly sought-after
    longevity in a ‘fail or thrive’ industry speaks volume
  • Founding ACSM (Association of Coaching Supervisors & Mentors)
    promoting professional and ethical practices in coaching
Marianne Dupuis international Coach

Coaching clients all over the world

Marianne Dupuis coachees all over the world

Marianne has coached leaders from: Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, India, China, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, Australia, Lebanon, Armenia, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Portugal,  Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Canada, USA, Pakistan, New-Zealand

Professional Accreditations & Certifications

  • Professional Coach & Trainer Certificate
    from the Institute of Applied Neurosciences
    (Paris, France)

    A long and intense journey towards coaching certification, with highly professional trainers, coaches, psychologists and supervisors.

    Focusing on neurosciences and emotional intelligence techniques.


  • Certificate IV in Business Coaching
    from The Open Door Coaching (Australia)

    Specialized in business coaching, this certificate helped me to validate my coaching skills in the English-speaking context too. 


  • Diploma in Coaching Supervision
    from The Coaching Supervision Academy (UK)
    Self-discovery journey towards supervision, as a significant milestone for an experienced coach willing to contribute and support the coaching profession with high standards.


  • Along with a Master Degree in Business
    from Skema Business school (France)


  • more than a decade working experience in finance,
    as you can find detailed on my LinkedIn profile


Professional tools accreditations

  • Behavioral assessments

 – Harrison Assessment Profile Certificate
from Harrison International (USA)

–  DiSC Trainer Certification
from DISC Asia (Hong Kong)


  • Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Certification
from Genos International (Australia)

PCC Professional Certified Coach

Accredited professional certified coach, my coaching skills have been assessed by the ICFInternational Federation of Coaching and validated to be at PCC.
ACC level requires 100 coaching hours, PCC level 500 hours, MCC level 2500.
I have clocked more than 1400 hours and keep coaching…


Accredited coaching supervisor,
I support coaches in their journey to keep practicing along with ethics and high professional standards


Founding Member of the European Mentoring Coaching Council Asia Pacific Region, I abide by the Global Code of Ethics.


Past President & Co-Founder of the Association of Coaching Supervisors and Mentors, promoting high professional and ethical standards in coaching

We shape unique leadership journeys around key principles

1. Embrace diversity

Fostering different perspectives to bring back creativity, flexibility and innovation


Thriving instead of surviving

2. Grow humanity

Shaping a team culture encouraging human relationship, intelligence and talents along with kindness and care


Honoring human intelligence by doing good

3. Stay authentic

Setting boundaries to remain true to our own values and having the courage to discover self


Journeying to meet self and others

How does Success look like?


Resilient teams deliver lasting results.
Motivated people contribute to greater good.

And it only requires excellent leadership with humanity.

Typical journey of a successful global leader

High-achievers, enthusiastic, devoted to their ambition and positive, many leaders get noticed quickly.
Promotion naturally gets granted.
Successful in their area, supported by people they manage, they then receive larger responsibilities.
All goes so well that they feel ready for any challenge.

Except that this time, the challenge is way beyond their comfort zone: leading teams in different locations.
No more informal gathering at the coffee machine, where they can feel the team temperature.
Some people in the team – sometimes called “the most difficult ones” – live at the other end of the world, they sleep when it would be suitable to have a meeting, they do not take order from a much younger leader
and that drops all other teams’ performances!
The list of challenges goes on and on…

Unfortunately, leaders then start to lose their confidence and credibility, ashamed not to meet expectations.
They feel like a fraud as the head of their team…
They are reluctant to go to work every day
They worry about the next drama to address…

Deep inside, they can tell that they are going through a living hell…
They constantly fear they could be dismissed at any time.
Not achieving their own goals, deceiving themselves and the people who promoted them to this role.
They feel embarrassed that others succeed much better than they do, running away from social activities, thus more and more isolated, less and less supported.

Until they decided to stop the vicious circle.

We start working together – as Coach and Client, as partners in this journey.
We manage to take a step back, appreciate the qualities and lessons learnt.
We define the most ambitious destination and map out the next phases of the journey.
Step by step, we travel together, changing the course of their fate and influencing their team differently.

Ultimately, they succeed to:

– get things done without forcing,
enjoy strong trusting relationships with their team,
– reach results beyond expectations together.

Celebration with pride, joy, gratefulness…
Lasting network, meaningful legacy, self-discovery among all the souvenirs brought from this journey

Eager to write your own successful Leadership journey