Ever felt as if we would like to blame our team members?
“They take no initiative…”
“I need to fight against their silo mentality…”
“They chase for the best pay…”

Well, surprisingly, as soon as the same team gets another leader, they behave differently and get different results…


Looks like teamwork success and team cohesion is a shared responsibility.

As much as each team member is responsible for their own performance, the leader is responsible for the team performance.
Successful global leaders shape, drive, adjust, encourage until the whole team thrives.

You too can lead a cohesive and top performing team, as soon as your leadership skills reach the level required.

As with every skill, leadership traits can be assessed, learned and sharpened!

How great are your leadership skills?

Take the test to find out all the leadership skills you already master very well and which traits you could sharpen if you wish to have more cohesive and better performing teams.

Receive a very personal diagnostic with

  • customized feedback,
  • best practices to get inspired,
  • opportunity to implement the actions you choose.

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Marianne Dupuis, executive & leadership coach is an international success catalyst. She has guided more than 600 people towards lasting success in leading across cultures. This success comes from her ability to connect with leaders all over the world, to joyfully embrace cultural diversity and systematically leverage on human potential. Pragmatic and direct, simple and flexible, committed and caring are all ways people describe her. Yet, do not only trust them, just meet Marianne and test how her programs make a lasting difference for you too. Your 1st step: Get her FREE Guide to master ‘Giving Effective Feedback across cultures’.

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