Welcome to Your Test on Leadership Skills!

Welcome to this test on leadership traits!

These are derived from the best practices observed over 10 years in coaching more than 600 successful leaders around the globe.

Neurosciences, positive psychology and transactional analysis also concur in making these leadership traits the ones truly needed to succeed as a lasting leader inspiring cohesive teams to thrive.

You have 50 questions to answer and know yourself better. You will need about 10 minutes.

Have a glass of your favourite drink, take a deep breath and here you go...

Let's start with a super easy question

And a 2nd super easy one

The 1st part consists of 25 questions with a scale of 1 to 10 circles.

Click on
circle #1 if the sentence is really false for you
circle #10 if the sentence best describes your typical behaviour
any circle in between to assess how true this is for you

The 2nd part consists of 25 multiple choices questions.
You just pick 1 answer you think is right.

Which is your preferred email to receive your personal results?
You might want to keep these results confidential.

You need to answer ALL questions.
When you click on 'Send my answers' either all will be sent and the whole page becomes grey or you can scroll up to answer the missing questions highlighted in red then send your answers.

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