A C-suite leader shared with me in coaching that

‘In my industry, the machinery requires so huge investments that personal costs are marginal. So, with low performers, I used to correct them, punish even yell, now I simply fire them and find new people. But it is draining to keep searching and training people, so many have left.’

As a leadership Coach, my duty was to stop this disastrous talent bleeding.
And it needed to start with adjusting the leadership style so at least we could retain the high performing people and then uplift the other ones to create thriving teams.

With frozen recruitments, the only choice is to enhance leadership skills


Though personal costs are supposedly marginal in this industry, in times of crisis, tendency is to stop investments and cut down drastically in manpower… Current unemployment figures all over the world speak by themselves.

In many industries it is therefore becoming trendy to freeze recruitments. Leaders now need to make the most with the people they have available, uplifting each of them for all to perform together well within the given constraints.


Is it at all possible to shape a different culture?


The C-suite leader I was coaching spent all his career in this same industry, so he was surrounded by leaders behaving the same way. As such, when I asked about alternatives to lead people out of low performance, he genuinely had not much to share.

Yet, leaving a cemetery as a leadership legacy is not a fatality. Some brilliant leaders manage to guide their teams to thrive, to enjoy working together and performing well despite the challenges.

It was hard for this C-suite leader to believe it possible at all…
Hence, I shared how I had witnessed amazing leaders’ transformations in coaching, sharpening one leadership skill at a time until they turn into role models themselves.


Sometimes, all we need is the inspiration to start


Hearing from others’ success gave hope to the C-suite leader who trusted me to embark on his own coaching journey with an amazing courage and humility.

In a year time, he completely switched his relationship with his team members and the whole team dynamics. People were finally taking initiatives, reaching targets, supporting and holding each other accountable. Collaboration had become the keyword and the C-suite leader was blossoming.

He concluded our coaching with:
“If only I had known all that 15 year ago… I’d have so many talents available now!”


Where can you find your own inspiring role models?


I’ve decided to put together all these inspiring role models in my new book ‘Leading with HUMANITY’ for all leaders eager to lead thriving teams despite challenges and beyond cultures.

Each leader brings a story depicting a leadership trait that any leader can implement to make a difference for their teams and their own career. You get inspiration from 24 amazing leaders and techniques to spot these traits in other leaders too, so you have an endless flow of inspiring leaders to role model.

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